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Pamir Cashmere

Pamir Cashmere, a cashmere shop located in Kabul, has been operating since the 2000s years. In that time is had produced immense amount of beautifully-made cashmere shawls, scarfs and other products. Mohammad Nasir Nabizada, the owner of the shop is proud of his family-owned and operated business. While staying true to the original craft of weaving the cashmere so tightly and with such fine string that the products are soft to the touch, Nasir has begun adapting to modern fashions both in Afghanistan and all over the world. His work, as with all Aseel products is a unique blend of handmade traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs.

The bulk of Pamir Cashmere’s production takes place in the remote northern province of Jowzjan, Afghanistan. It is from this province that the Shop derives its designs and production methods from. Pamir Cashmere has production bases in Jowzjan and experienced producers and vendors in Kabul, making his enterprise national. While cashmere is highly coveted all over the world, original Afghan production of it has been much reduced due to the ease of machine-made shops and factories.Pamir Cashmere is proud to offer hand-made, locally sourced Afghan cashmere products.

Since 2007, with the help of USAID and an Afghan, veteran-led venture, Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), Afghan cashmere producers and shop owners can properly harvest and process high quality fiber. This allows their local production and international export to keep up with the rapid pace of international factory-led cashmere markets. Nasir has greatly benefited from this venture and has been able to expand Pamir Cashmere’s operations in the past few years. Aseel is grateful to work with Pamir Cashmere and spread their beautiful work globally.

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  1. Black Handmade Shawl
  2. Forest Green Scarf
  3. Green Silk Scarf
  4. Light Blue Cotton Scarf
  5. Pink Cotton Scarf
  6. Green Cotton Scarf
  7. Dark Red Shawl
  8. Green Silk Scarf
  9. Grey Cotton Scarf
  10. Liver Cotton Scarf
Grid List

10 Items

Set Descending Direction