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Lajaward Jewelry

Masooda Sherdil Kohistani who established a company for herself in 2015 that does jewelry which is specifically lapis jewelries. Lajaward jewelry tends to work with females because Masooda herself is a female who started the company and that’s how she wants to help and promote women doing this wonderful work. Lajaward Jewelry is designed to work in two parts, training and production; The new recruiters of the company will be trained for a period of time and then getting them into production phase. Currently, there are three females working along Masooda that help her doing the job.

The production of Lajaward jewelry is based on the national and international level to be able to grab not only Afghanistan but all over the world’s attention considering that Afghanistan has a great deal of lapis. They had been working on more than 200 designs, whereas Masooda is herself a designer in which her work was praised through different organizations around Afghanistan and overseas. The process goes under several steps in order to complete the product. For example, it starts with melting considering the tools they are using, cutting them into proper pieces, jeweler’s torch that does the soldering and welding so the jeweler could control the heat on product making without any problem; now based on the tools the jewelry is set for sitting up gems, lapis, platinum and other stones and making sure the reliability, and finally polishing the product or jewelry that goes through several stages to finish it.

Lajaward Jewelry is very optimistic partnering with Aseel-app, considering that these Afghan handmade products will have access to international market and promoting the business that will allow more females to be working with the business and giving them a chance of getting recognized internationally.

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  1. Gold Jewelry Set
  2. Earrings
  3. Necklace and Bracelet
  4. Bracelete
  5. Gold Plated Pendant
  6. Sterling Silver Pendant
  7. Gold Plated Earrings
  8. Silver Turkmen Bracelet
  9. Gold Bracelet and Ring
  10. Gold Necklace
  11. Silver Ring
  12. Necklace
  13. Turkmen Silver Pendant
  14. Turkmen Pendant
  15. Agate Stone Earrings
  16. Silver Earrings
  17. Hazara Silver Necklace
Grid List

17 Items

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