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Mohsina Saqeb, the president of Jama-e-Saqeb Handicraft production Company (Jama), was born in Mazar-e-Sharif city in the north of Afghanistan in a rather larger size family of four sister and two brothers. Graduating from school and university in mazar-e-Sharif, she began teaching mathematics in one of the girl’s largest high school until she got married. After marriage she moved to Pakistan and completed her Master in Business Administration in one of the private universities there besides taking English, Computer and Teacher training short term courses.

Jama-e-Saqeb Handicraft Production Company (Jama) was founded by Saqeb’s family in January 2017. It is a family business and ran mainly by women. It seems quite amazing that with no prior experience, the business progressed well, from two swing machine and two tailors to now more than 15 swing machine and more than 32 staff (65% female) members both in production and support departments as well as a number of home based women in Kabul and other provinces who regularly produce handmade materials for the company, a larger workshop and a show room.

Jama’s specialty remains using best quality handmade materials mostly made by Afghan women in any of its products specially cloths that include both ancient and modern styles as well as a mix of ancient and modern designs.

The objective of the company is to promote the Afghan traditional handcraft and to bridge between the traditional cloths with the modern styles. By this to contribute in a small scale in the improvement of the rural and urban women’s livelihood and economy by boosting their income in using their handicraft materials for the products of the company.

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