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Le Monde Couleur

Le Monde Couleur (LMC) is a clothing brand launched by Mussadiq Seddiq out of Kabul, Afghanistan. LMC reflects a blend of traditional and modern designs, with an emphasis on representing the many diverse cultures within the country’s borders. LMC is a homegrown brand and a family owned business. LMC has been able to benefit from the abundance of natural resources in Afghanistan, expanding its enterprise into many aspects of apparel and textile manufacturing. From that business came the brand for colorful clothing with an eye toward the heritage of Afghanistan’s ethnic groups.

Mussadiq aspired to create a brand which embodied passion, creativity, and youthfulness. With its first products, like colorful t-shirts and jackets, it has aimed to target a young consumer market. LMC employs ten local families from Bamian, Ghazni, Kunduz, Mazar-e-Shareef, Takhar and a few other provinces. They supply the vintage materials, organic materials, and brightly colored fabrics that create this brand’s fashion designs. They are currently working with companies in Spain, Turkey, and Afghanistan, expanding their local business into a pseudo-international one. LMC employs over 50 people, coordinating across multiple Afghan provinces and three countries to meet the needs of not just their customers, but their employees as well. LMC has recently been looking to expand its enterprise into more major Afghan cities.

They wish to bring color and youthfulness into the Afghan fashion world while also sharing their colorful designs with more of the modern world as well. LMC also wishes to create more working opportunities for women in order to strengthen and grow Afghanistan’s economy and partner with more reputable brands to continue growing their fashion enterprise. ASEEL is excited to partner with LMC and give them access to a larger portion of the global market with our mobile platforms.

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